Media Services


We can take all of your files for video, audio, closed caption, subtitles, art, forced narratives and metadata through our easy to access tools or you can put them on a hard drive and ship them to us. And if you are working with tape or film, we can handle that as well.

Quality Control

QC is an integral part of our workflow. All content receives a prescribed level of QC based on its intended use. We employ a combination of human QC and industry leading QC tools. These measures ensure successful deliveries which reduce cycle time.


Repairs can be simple or complex, but either way we have the expertise and tools to make sure that the media is ready to go live.

Content Security

We work with the industry preferred tools for content watermarking and fingerprinting.  Our technology team regularly onboards new content security workflows, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Premiere offers an array of origination services to ensure you have all the pieces and parts you need to distribute your content anywhere.  Whether it’s closed captioning, foreign language subtitling, localized art, chapters and/or trailer clips, Premiere can help make the assets you need to exploit all of your global distribution opportunities.


Conformance of assets to one another and platform/broadcaster specifications is critical. Premiere has a large conformance team that works with ancillary assets, including poster art, audio, closed captions, subtitles and forced narratives, to ensure that everything is working together.


Reaching a global audience across multiple platforms requires files and metadata to be packaged to complex specifications, and there isn’t anyone more experienced with this than Premiere. Doing this right and at scale is what our clients need and what we deliver.


Premiere delivers to 300+ platforms globally through a variety of methods utilizing industry favored tools and our large scale bandwidth.  Because the landscape is evolving quickly we onboard and integrate with new platforms regularly, so if we don’t work with someone you need to reach, we’ll make it happen.


Premiere’s distribution footprint via Quiver, our revolutionary end to end distribution platform, offers a one stop shop to distribute to key digital and VOD platforms. Between our relationships and our business model, it’s the closest thing in the marketplace to getting a direct deal with companies like iTunes, Netflix, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, Dish, Indemand, Vubiquity and others.  With our help, you can get your content in front of 100,000,000’s of potential customers.


Our flat fee-pricing structure allows you to keep 100% of the revenue generated by platforms. It’s the next best thing to being direct with retailers.


Premiere offers a transparent reporting dashboard for tracking sales from outlets.


We can deliver your content to as many, or as few, platforms as makes sense for your distribution plans.  Non-exclusivity keeps the power in your hands.

Tech & Distribution

Premiere is a full service encoding house, so getting your content to retailers has never been easier.  And with our flat fee model, you pay for servicing and we throw content aggregation in for free.

Ready. Aim. Release.



White Label Distribution Tool

Power your platform today with a completely cloud based, highly configurable, multi-language asset and metadata collection tool set with backend financial reporting.

Platform Delivery Packager

Multi-language, territory and platform packaging and delivery made easy.  Leverage the in-house tools used by one of the leading encoding/delivery shops in the world.

Storefront Management

Radically reduce complexity and time required to handle multi-platform license management with Premiere’s ground-breaking Storefront Management software.  Manage dates, pricing, ratings and more across franchises or single titles starting today.

Order Asset Metadata Task Manager

Complete end-to-end cloud based system for management for orders, assets, metadata & tasks.

Application Development

Premiere can help you develop innovative media centric apps for iOS, Android and Mobile Web.  Click here to check out the recently launched “Movie of the Day” on iTunes and press in Variety and USA Today

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